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Achieve faster Return on Investment (ROI) using our #blockchain and #web3 expertise

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Our secure APIs assist you to develop solutions using less code that saves months of your effort

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Our #blockchain and #web3 experts are available to collaborate with you to solve your pain points

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Our platforms are designed to be easy to use, so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business

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Our secure wallet solutions allows you to accept payments securely and instantly using underlying #blockchain technology

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Our Platforms


Enables smallholder farmers to become #financially #inclusive by doubling their income and provides a long term #sustainability by using #blockchain


We have a moral obligation to save Mother Earth for our next generations. Planet_G(reen) is a smart waste management tool built by integrating IoT with #blockchain


We solve the biggest Credit gap to smallholder farmers across the world using #NFTs and #web3. #ahan is an innovative platform that provides working capital to farmers so they do not end up raising capital at exorbitant rates.


is World’s First Layer 1 Protocol that is built for supporting DApps working towards Net-Zero Carbon Emissions 3050.

Platforms in our own portfolio #foodlens, #ahan and #planet_G would be committing to #krbn network soon.

DApps in Climate Tech, Agri Tech and ESG compliant tech are welcome to be part of #krbn network.



“Britannia Industries had partnered in a Proof of Concept (PoC) project with Kratos Innovation Labs to build end-to-end traceability tool for packaging materials using Blockchain technology. The Provenance Tracking PoC model successfully established traceability across Britannia Industries factories and its vendors and their feedstock vendors, to reconcile both volumes and quality parameters across the chain”

Mr. Manoj Balgi, GM-Procurement, Britannia


It has been a delight knowing you and your team at Kratos Innovation Labs. Your team worked efficiently and quickly to deliver blockchain solutions to us. We, at #HerdX, look forward to doing more work with your team.

Mark W. Bode, Ex-CFO, HerdX


Hey guys thanks for all your work on this and enabling us to be able to present at NYC NFT Event.

Jonathan Peters, Film Director, Sydney

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