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Doubling Smallholder Farmers Income

Small holder farmers are the backbone of our agricultural systems, yet they often struggle to access the resources and support they need to succeed. From lack of access to affordable credit to unfair pricing practices, small holder farmers face numerous challenges in today’s global agricultural markets. At our blockchain platform, we’re working to change that.

We believe that small holder farmers deserve access to fair trade practices and transparent markets that help them to earn a sustainable income from their hard work. That’s why we’ve developed a blockchain platform that is revolutionizing agriculture by empowering small holder farmers with fair trade practices.

At our platform #foodlens, small holder farmers can access a secure and transparent marketplace that connects them directly with buyers who are committed to fair trade practices. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology, we’re able to ensure that every transaction is secure, transparent, and fair for both buyers and sellers.

Our platform #foodlens also provides small holder farmers with access to affordable credit and insurance, helping them to invest in their farms and reduce their risks. By using smart contracts and decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, we’re able to offer lower interest rates and fair terms that help farmers to succeed.

How do we aim to Double Smallholder Farmers income?


Applying a leaking funnel strategy to our research, with #foodlens, we aim to bring affordable technology access to Smallholder farmers to double their income.

By combining the power of blockchain,  spatial imagery and AI, we bring innovations in pre-harvest and post-harvest stages to reduce crop loss and increase crop revenues.

Smallholder Farmers need your support

We look forward your support to bring affordable technology to smallholders farmers worldwide.

If you are interested to provide support with your connections or ready to spread the word about #foodlens to your farming communities nearby, please fill in the form and we shall revert to you to discuss further.

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